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SMLCC Budgeting and Cost Planning Ireland

Accurate budget estimating and cost planning services

As Quantity Surveyors we provide a full system of budget estimating and cost planning in order to control expenditure, set defined review points, ensure that you receive better value-for-money in both design & construction, and that the project cost is kept within the agreed budget.

Our team use Quantity Surveying & Estimating software for the delivery of Budget Estimates and Cost Planning to meet our client requirements.

Benefits of Budget Estimating and Cost Planning for our clients:


  • The tender sum is more likely to equate with the budget estimate
  • Comprehensive bill of quantities from the outset
  • Balanced Distribution of expenditure
  • Improved building quality and performance
  • Budget and value accountability
  • Cost-effectiveness and early identification of high cost elements
  • Less possibility of addendum bills of quantities being required
  • With SMLCC Budgeting & Cost Planning Ireland there is a Comprehensive pre-tender analysis by the quantity surveyor should enable more decisions to be taken earlier resulting in a smoother running of the project on site

Constant monitoring means that the budget can be managed and any risk of overspending can be seen at an early stage and prompt action taken.

As professional quantity surveyors we can assist the architect with comparative costs for alternative systems of construction or finishing. We can also advise on the total cost implications of particular methods of construction.

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