Self Build Private Dwelling Service

New House Building

Quantity Surveying & Project Management services for your home build project.

Self Build Private Dwelling Services

We can help you every step of the way from costings to completion to deliver projects on time and within budget and also provide our clients with improved cost certainty and a value-for-money project.

Our Quantity Surveying services will help you to achieve a finished project that is completed both on time and within budget and which exceeds your requirements.

Self Build Budgeting

Establishing and maintaining a realistic budget and costings for your project will help identify potential high cost sections and ensure the financial control and success of your project, improved building quality and performance and also budget and value accountability. Budget estimates can also be provided for mortgage/ loan approval and tender documents prepared.

We can handle any negotiations and liaise with contractors. Our goal is a well-planned project that is delivered on time and on budget that exceeds your expectations.

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